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Crescent House


  Located at the very north-western corner of the Ward, Crescent House winds around the curve of Goswell Road (the only 'Road' in the City - all the others being called Street, or Lane, or Alley etc).

The building itself is part of the Golden Lane Estate and contains 159 maisonettes on its 3 upper storeys. The ground floor comprises virtually all the shops within Cripplegate Ward, including the indespensible 'City Hardware' store, a Dry Cleaner, Wine Shop, Chemist, Optician, Dentist, Hairdressers, Newsagent, Fruit and Veg Shop and a couple of Cafés.

At the southern corner of Crescent House is 'The Shakespeare' , the only traditional Pub in the Ward, although the 'Wood Street Bar & Restaurant' at the base of Andrewes House in the Barbican Estate, does come a close second, then there is also 'Cote ' on Beech Street, just opposite Cromwell Tower, and of course all the bars in the Barbican Arts Centre ... okay, so there are quite a few!

  Crescent House, looking North up
Goswell Road toward the Angel, Islington.
Viewed looking South toward
Barbican Tube Station and the Square Mile.