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Club Merchandise

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Gentleman's Lapel Pin

The Gents' lapel pin made by Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd., is 15mm square, has a depth of just 1.5mm with a clutch fitting on the pin - making it ideal to wear with morning dress, dinner suit, or sports coat at formal, or informal Club events.

Cost £10



Ladie's Brooch

The brooch is designed so it can be worn in two ways; pinned to a garment, or worn as a pendant by threading onto a thin chain (not supplied).  Measuring 25mm x 30mm, the brooch of metal gilt and enamel is made by Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd and supplied in a protective pouch.

Cost: £20.00




Gentleman's Tie

The official Club Tie is manufactured in the UK by Crestex and is of 100% Polyester.

Cost: £10.00